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Project Management

Tools and JIRA Customization


Our Mission

Our mission is to help companies to manage their projects by optimizing processes and daily routine through providing project management consulting and tools customization.

Our Values

Time saving




Our Vision

We are sure that we can build a robust framework of processes and tools for managing projects of any complexity and size with ease.

The world has changed and it’s getting more complicated every day. We work on many projects in parallel, our calendars are packed months in advance, todo lists are constantly growing, and every day we have to juggle with many new tasks, which very often appear unexpectedly in ad-hoc manner. We are getting overwhelmed and stressed. How to manage everything and keep the work-life balance? What best practices to use and how to adapt those for one’s needs?

utarel is providing Consulting to businesses in Project Management, Business Processes Optimization, Tools and JIRA Customization.

We believe that time is the most valuable resource, which needs to be spent with family and friends, on happy moments, personal development, generating new ideas, but not on routine tasks nor on pulling together different streams of your projects tracked and documented in different places.

Project Management Consulting and Optimization

  • Roadmapping, Scope and Change management consulting

  • Timeline management consulting

  • Financial/Budget management consulting

  • Quality management consulting

  • Dependencies and Integration consulting

  • Risk management consulting

  • Resource management consulting, incl. HR

  • Communication management consulting

  • Expectations management consulting

  • Delivery management consulting

  • Acquisition management consulting

Atlassian JIRA Configuration and Tools Consulting

  • Project configuration

  • Scrum and Kanban boards

  • Workflow management, conditions, validators and post functions

  • Issue types and issue schemas

  • Screens management

  • Custom fields

  • Issue Priorities, Linking and Resolutions

  • Filters and Dashboards

  • Permissions and Notifications Schemas

  • JIRA Add-ons and Integrations

  • Helicopter view on several projects


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